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Bespoke Accessories: How To Customize Your Helmet Online

Digital Tools Improve Your Sales Process

While the helmet protects you while you ride, it also captures attention. Tools like the 3D product configurator help you customize your helmet to make it look unique and personal to you.

A 3D online product configurator allows you to modify your helmet’s color and style according to your liking. The 3D online product configurator can generate a photorealistic picture of the finished product. In addition, its 2D counterpart gives you a static image of the finished product.

Customized bike helmets are something that catches attention immediately when you wear them. From bright colors to exciting pictures, a 3D product configurator will enable you to find the helmet that suits your personality.

The Top Digital Tool To Improve Your Sales

A product configurator is a digital tool,  or software application enabling you to interact with and customize your product in real time. Product configurators will allow you to customize each order according to your specific needs, like the color, features, material, accessories, and much more. Product configurators are not bound by a single industry and can be utilized across several areas..

When implementing a product configurator properly, the processes of creating and managing product data can be streamlined and simplified. As a result, customers and manufacturers alike may benefit from this. Digital tools help improve sales and are increasingly in high demand to deliver products promptly and cost-effectively.

Product configurators are used by manufacturers to compile an exhaustive list of all the potential product variants and to facilitate the product development process. Product configurators let the customers create the product that best suits their needs, allowing them to build a product that satisfies their unique specifications quickly and easily.

You can also use 3D product configurators as market analysis tools to help your business determine what kinds of products customers want . The company can better interpret customer demands and give the supply chain better information regarding the desired product.

Different Types Of Product Configurators

A growing number of companies are using 2D or 3D product configurators to improve and enhance their consumers’ shopping experience, increase their productivity level, and expand their opportunities for making sales. In addition, there are a variety of configurators, including 2D, 3D, and augmented reality (AR) to choose from.

Online 3D Product Configurators

The best interactive tool

A 3D Product configurator is an online tool that enables you to interact with and customize your product in real-time. It displays a photorealistic image that allows customers to modify it to their needs, unlike the 2D pictures used by traditional  eCommerce platforms. These 3D Product configurator tools have a wide range of products you can interact with, allowing you to customize your helmet.

Once you have a photorealistic image of your motorbike helmet’s final product, they are custom-made to your exact specification. The 3D Product Configurator takes care of everything, including automating some necessary and time-consuming documentation tasks for the manufacturer. Product configurators streamline your company’s operations, giving you and your employees more time for other tasks while still increasing revenues.

In addition, the 3D product configurator can optimize your supply chain and increase sales, even when the product still needs to be manufactured. In addition, online 3D Product Configurators are the best tools for customization and online sales. Customers view their final customized product and are more likely to buy it because they can visually see the finished product.

The customer can also download the image after configuring it with various  design aspects  and points of view. They can also download the pictures as a video or PDF file to create a real-time representation.

Online 2D Product Configurators

Simpler and faster

Traditional eCommerce displays a 2D image that is less difficult to create  compared to 3D product configurators but has fewer customization options. For instance, compared to their 3D cousin, 2D Product Configurators are simpler and render your personalized image more quickly. They don’t have to guess or speculate about the final result because it’s right in front of them.

Customers can better understand what to expect with a personalized product by looking at high-quality 2D photos. However, you may remove any remaining uncertainty with 360-degree, 3D product photos showing the product in all its colors, textures, and design elements. Both 2D and 3D product configurators enhance your  customer’s experience.

One thing that a 2D configurator lacks is interactivity. While you can interact with a 3D product configurator, you cannot do so with a 2D one. This lack of interactivity sets 2D product configurators back from 3D technologies.

AR – Augmented Reality

The personalization and sales tool of the future.

Augmented reality (AR) merges the real and virtual worlds by overlaying computer-generated pictures or animations onto a real-world setting. In other words, a 3D model will appear to be in the actual world when seen via the camera of a phone or tablet. Augmented reality produces an interactive experience that transforms the physical surroundings of the product.

Drawing customer attention to the many available customization features enhances the likelihood of customers purchasing the product they had been viewing . The online AR product configurator feature is one of the best tools for customization and sales.

The AR feature is the perfect opportunity for your company to showcase your products on an entirely new level.

The benefits of configurators

  • Rule-based configuration. Customers cannot construct orders you cannot produce based on the criteria you establish. Therefore, there is no chance they will submit an order you cannot process.
  • – Product configurators provide the customer with an easy, intuitive ordering experience and streamline the buying process.
  • Realtime pricing provides faster and more accurate quotes. In real-time, the shopping cart adapts to clients’ changes as they construct their orders.
  • CPQ automation benefits both the business and the customer by freeing up sales personnel and allowing them to make well-informed decisions.
  • Real-time rendering. Customers are less likely to abandon their shopping carts when they can see what they purchase by viewing 2D or 3D visual representations of their items.
  • Detailed analytics. Product configurator software analyzes consumer behavior during configuration. This data lets you improve their shopping experience.

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Which Product Configurator Is Best For You?

The 3D configurator is the most adpatable and comprehensive of the technologies.  . It will show you a 360-degree view of the product, and you can customize the entire design and see the complete picture from your own computer. 

The 3D product configurators from some companies combine the benefits of visualizing products with augmented reality, resulting in a more satisfying shopping experience for customers and higher business conversion rates.

These 3D configurators are website based, and most allow you to manipulate the vehicle with sufficient customization, from exterior and interior color to garage door openers. Although 2D is less versatile, many companies limit 3D to “exclusive” ranges.

Other Digital Tools You Can Use To Boost Sales

Boosting sales is one of the essential parts of a business, as your business must generate profits to operate. . Sales tools also make your business life more manageable,reducing efforts required to produce and complete sales. There are many other digital tools available for boosting sales:

CMR Software Tool

CMR refers to customer relationship management. The software may help you manage your customer database and build relationships with your current clientele. It can also increase the likelihood that they will remain loyal toyour business. Additionally, CMR software allows you to monitor your marketing and sales activities, and streamline your interactions with customers.

Many companies invest in this software early on  as it’s an essential part of their business. Selecting the best platform is crucial since you will likely want to connect it to more applications and services as your business develops and expands.

Sales Acceleration Software

Sales acceleration aims to reduce the length of the sales cycle, increase the number of sales interactions, and ultimately complete more transactions. Software designed to speed up sales by simplifying and automating administrative activities is called a sales acceleration tool.

Unchecked velocity always ends in disaster. Therefore, sales acceleration technology aids salespeople in enhancing efficiency and effectiveness by increasing involvement and improving organization across the board.

How To Customize Your Helmet

When you decide to get a custom bike helmet, you must first choose and find the company and site you wish to purchase from. Once you find it, you will select the customized helmet option. The site will then take you to the customization page, where you can choose your color, design, and make additional changes to features of the helmet..

It is advisable to contact creative agencies to create a customized 3D configurator for your company, like In2real. This way, you can add all the custom designs and colors your company has to offer to your products, satisfying your customers and diversifying your shopping experience.


The 3D Product Configurator allows users to create an image of the final product that is both accurate and realistic.. It would be best if you chose the configurator to increase your sales and purchase value. This technological tool will also boost your company’s reputation and perceived value, differentiating you from competitors in your industry. 

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