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A success story

Triumph Motorcycles is our closest customer, who has always believed in the potential of our  studio.


This has been a long process, adapting to needs and different deliverables over time, we have been delivering the official press kits of photorealistic CGI assets since 2017.


The photorealistic assets that In2real provides are made available worldwide across every communication channel, online (website and social media) and offline (events and prints).

Quality and Quantity

Time has proven our work with Triumph Motorcycles very valuable for both parties. Starting from 1 model bike in 2017, we are today proud to be tackling the entire lineup of bikes for their marketing, web and press assets.


The confirmation that we are a trusted supplier that can guarantee high quality while scaling on every product and market.

A big plus comes also from our internal R&D department, constantly hunting and testing new technologies, processes and softwares to ensure In2real and our clients are always at the top edge of the market.

Show, Configure, Engage

For every single model we have developed a full set of assets: press releases and official media kits; configurator assets to allow the amazing website customisation; video and interactive products to engage with the brand’s community.

Explore showreel ’22

Real Time process

Triumph Motorcycles entrusted us with creating all CGI assets for their digital communication. We raised the bar on photorealism and maximized efficiency through R&D’s newly developed realtime content creation system – a revolutionary development in custom asset production. This process was so convincing in the eyes of the client that we were granted the whole Triumph motorcycles lineup for the official press kit and configurator assets in 2022.

Quality with no compromise.

Starting from CAD models, we deliver the level of detail that these amazing bikes deserve. We know every single component, finish and shade and we won’t call it a day until each bike asset reaches our own standards, perfection. Our workflow has been fine tune over time to guarantee speed, quality and efficiency.


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