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Digital Public Spaces

Allow your magnificent assets to be appreciated remotely. Any space can be virtualized, allowing it to be visited and experienced remotely. Museums, Cinemas, Theaters, Production facilities, Conference rooms and coworking. Matterport technology has no size limits.


Empower your valuable assets with a digital twin!

Cinema Odeon

The Odeon was one of the first cinema-theaters in Italy dating back to the last century (1922), among the most beautiful and famous in Europe.

In view of a future renovation, the virtual tour allowed the study of the three-dimensional model obtained with the Matterport scan. Walking in the stalls makes you dream of distant times crystallized in virtual space.

Nana Bianca

Nana Bianca is an innovation ecosystem, a gravitational center for young businesses, professionals and innovators based on the Startup Studio, Coworking and Acceleration models. It is housed in a historical place of 8000 square meters, which through a regeneration process has become the new innovation pole for a new digital renaissance. Exploring its innovative spaces in a virtual tour becomes a necessity!

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