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Digital Showroom

Digital twins are the most accurate virtual 3D model of a real place – whether it be a room, an entire building, or an outdoor space.


Our digital twin service produces a high-quality 3D capture of a real space, with unlimited 4K or print quality photography. Professional photo resolution (134 megapixels) and 3D accuracy. Great at scanning any size space is short time.


Shorten physical distances by creating your showroom’s digital twin. You can showcase your products as effectively as with an actual visit, and you can do so anywhere in the world, breaking down the physical limits of your showroom.


Empower the shopping experience of your customers, letting them visit all your showrooms around the world through your website.

Taddei Store

A Specialized Elite store in Tuscany, the TADDEI store is a benchmark for the bicycle market.

Thanks to the digital tour, customers have the opportunity to preview products for sale, for an informed and sustainable purchase.

DEMA Showroom

Dema, a historic Made in Italy design brand, presents its Brera showroom during the Salone del Mobile in Milan.


Through space digitalization it has extended the showroom experience over time and space, optimizing investments and increasing the engagement of its audience.

Sofable by Mantellassi Showroom

The way spaces are set up interferes with customers’ purchasing decisions. That’s why sofable presents its products within the showroom in complete living compositions. The inclusion of direct links to the online shop within the digital space makes the experience even more immediate and smart.

Zefiro Empoli

By placing digital tags within the scanned space, virtual showroom tours become an extraordinary reference tool. Just one click is all it takes to take a look at the new collections presented by Zefiro’s top editors and start discovering all the new products.

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