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Dynamo Camp in the Metaverse

We made our first Metaverse for a nonprofit charity organization, Dynamo Camp. They asked us to create an experience that would bring into the metaverse an NFT null art gallery to open a charity auction at a launch event at the Milan Triennale.

A unique occasion in which to converge many of the founding values of our work: digital experience, art, wellness, multichannel experience, sharing, research.

In collaboration with OVR we created a digital path between the various worlds of the artists invited to participate, customizing each individual “room” with characterizing elements and placing the work within being; a direct link to Super Rare allowed the sale of the works donated to Dynamo Camp.

A recipe for a metaverse experience

Dynamo has enabled increased awareness of charity auctions and art combined with the best that technology has to offer with a metaverse experience in an NFT art gallery. Beyond the standard digital exhibition, this is a fantastic opportunity to engage viewers with an accelerated exploration through art, music, and charity within a 3D virtual reality space.


This event connected charity enthusiasts and artists through creative interaction within a parallel world.

Metaverse Land

The concept of space in the metaverse transcends the boundaries of the physical world, creating a realm where virtual and real dimensions coexist seamlessly. This fascinating fusion of parallel realities is exemplified by the NFT gallery, which finds its geolocalized home on the grounds of Dynamo Camp’s headquarters, located in the province of Pistoia. A project built on the pillars of charity, art, and innovation, the gallery demonstrates the power of merging these democratically parallel realities to craft a unique and cutting-edge experience. In this innovative space, not only is the artwork showcased in a novel way, but it also contributes to a greater cause by supporting philanthropic endeavors.

Real and Virtual in a single place

The exhibition “Art is Wow” presented in the spaces of Triennale, shows through a selection of works, the original approach to contemporary art promoted since 2009 within the activities of Dynamo Camp. Following the Dynamo┬« Recreational Therapy approach, many established artists from the contemporary scene spend a period within the Dynamo Camp residence: together with children and young people with serious illnesses and their families, they give life to an art project conceived ad hoc on the basis of their own poetics but realized with the participation of everyone. The works exhibited in Milan are only a part of the more than two thousand works created by more than 140 artists who took part in the project, both at Dynamo Camp and in the most important museums in Italy and, from 2021, also exhibited on the SuperRare platform.

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