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3D Configurators

AR View


Infiniti Configurators

Infiniti is an esteemed made-in-Italy brand that produces modern design chairs with high configurability options. This important feature led us be involved in the development of all configurators for their flagship products and new releases from 2020 to the present.

The exceptional visual quality and great interaction proved incredibly effective in conveying their Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Our support has been turn key across sales and marketing managers, salesforce and representatives.

Supply chain ready

Our configurators allow for quick changes in all variables at any time, meeting common supply chain problems.


Not only that, configurators reduce the need to produce prototypes in all variations, resulting in the optimization of expenses and wasted resources.

In2real AR Product


Configurators bring the full power of augmented reality to bear; with a single click, the required configuration is displayed through the smartphone in the real context. This is the best way to shorten the time it takes to choose and purchase a product and a great way to make people feel the quality of the product.

How it work

Tell a story about your products by showing its components, how it works and everything that makes it unique. We don’t just show your product beautiful, we show it as functional as it can be.

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