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Exuvia Experience – A living album, a Virtual Experience

The Universal record label has grasped the potential and effectiveness of an interactive virtual tour, the technological medium identified as ideal for the launch of the album and the promotion of one of its leading artists.


Exuvia Experience is the creative synthesis of each of the 19 tracks of the album. A virtual experience with a highgly emotional impact, built as a metaphorical inner journey of the artist.

The Immersive Space

The creative exploration and initial designs stages culminated in the final production phase. Assets and spherical spaces, all meticulously modelled in 3D from scratch, frame the original contributions Caparezza has produced for the occasion.

Creative Days

Creative Days are the sparks creators of co-creation. Together with the client we lead problems and needs into ideas and unique storytelling. Using Mood boards, Storyboards, Reference audio, Tree maps and brainstorming sessions, we framed the artist’s sensibility, finalised the record company’s needs and delved into the album’s core messages.

Real event linked to the Virtual Experience

The web platform also played an important function in supporting Universal’s press office. By replacing the physical space, the virtual tour accompanied all journalists in right before the press conference, through an intimate journey into Caparezza’s world. For this specific event the experience was bringing all the invited guests (in a given time), into a Live Room where Caparezza (the artist) had the chance to explain the album and answer all their questions.

A 3D Experience

You may have not noticed, but all the amazing scenarios and forests has been completely design by our great team of artists with 3D softwares. Photorealism and creativity are the perfect mix for making the Exuvia Experience even more surreal.


We tracked the results during the launch days. Data shows the quality of the experience, able to engage the core community into long lasting visits. The experience continues today with great interest of the artist’s community.

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