Realtime – Into the volume


Triumph Motorcycles – Agency: Imagination


Realtime assets


Trident 660 on a Virtual Production

A real-time production success story

Following years of collaboration with the Triumph Motorcycles brand, we were asked to support an Imagination virtual production by providing real time assets of the Trident 660, one of In2Real’s flagship projects.

Expanding in the realtime Realm

The use of real time images should not be perceived as a mere technological innovation. We believe it is a conscious business strategy.

“Into the Volume” is a relatively small production with the scope of demonstrating the incredible effectiveness of a Virtual Production created by combining live action filming with the power of photo-realistic 3D graphics.

Funded by Epic Games, Imagination created a teaser video produced by a crew of just 13 people and shot in a tiny 5m x 5m London location. Reusing assets designed, modelled and processed in Unreal Engine by the In2Real team, Imagination developed an original narrative, which places a majestic motorbike – the Trident 660 – at the centre of a small set. The use of Real Time assets has resulted in a visually stunning product, where the world of videogames meets traditional live-action, without the need for green screens (yes, just like in Star Wars!).