Realtime Assets - IN2REAL CGI & REAL TIME TIGER 1200 TRIUMPH 2022

Triumph Tiger 1200 Realtime Assets


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New Tiger 1200 Range – Global Reveal

Tiger 1200 Model – Global Realtime Assets

A key project that positioned In2real into the world of realtime with industry leading visuals and state of the art quality.


With this project we were able to demonstrate the versatility of our process, to deploy on different channels the same production assets used in the initial product development phase with collateral assets that were used in different contexts and channels, from demonstration videos to interactive scenes for use online and offline.

One motorcycle for Infinite touch points

To demonstrate the high adaptability of the Triumph Motorcycles model to the contexts of use, we leveraged the potential of our realtime assets, based on Unreal Engine, to create all necessary assets from a single CAD source, creating multiple photorealistic environments for the different contexts.


This process has been applied to the multi-channel marketing strategy and delivered significant savings in time and money.

Customize, faster!

Our realtime asset process allows us to provide an enormous amount of customization in record time. By harnessing the potential of Unreal Engine; feedback and production times were reduced by 50% compared to traditional visualization methods.


Omni channel assets

Each channel deserves its own specific assets. We can scale and adapt each asset to the type of output needed; improving time to market and cost, visual quality and responsiveness. The optimized solution for multi-channel marketing and sales strategies.

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