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Triumph – Street Triple Launch Video

For the launch of the new Street Triple, Triumph Motorcycles asked us to develop some brand new content to support the presentation of the bike during the global launch. Leveraging a technology backbone already prepared for this bike by In2real, we were able to deliver 8 minutes of original photo realistic content in a record time of 4 weeks. A job that consolidates our ability to create high-quality 3D assets, but also attests to the state of the art of real-time technology by validating In2real’s vision in adopting it.

The Challenge

The project consisted in a studio shoot with real bikes present on stage. In order to better explain and isolate specific technical themes Triumph has opted to have realtime animations made in 3D by the In2real expert team, supported with explanatory motion graphics. Seamlessly switching between the real bikes and the 3D digital twins, allowed the storytelling to be very flexible and cohesive.

A multi-channel asset

With the launch of the new Street Triple, Triumph needed to create a multitude of different assets to populate and interact on different channels. The assets we generated were used not only for the launch video, but also for the creation of a YouTube channel dedicated to specific videos and also as contributions to populate different social media channels, from linkedIn to Instagram and Facebook.

Last minute / No problem

Thanks to our fast visualisation system, based on Unreal Engine, we were able to harness all the computing power of the latest graphics cards to achieve photo-realistic quality in a very short time. This speed allowed the production of the entire event to make last minute changes without the problem of bottlenecks in the production of the assets.

Live scenarios

The preparation of all Street Triple models on the realtime platform made it possible to develop different scenarios and test them directly with the customer.

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