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Virtual Tour: The definitive presentation tool

This virtual experience combines different themes and technologies to best convey the complete value proposition of one of Italy’s most appreciated wineries, Tenuta di Capezzana.


This experience started in the pandemic period in order to remotely train the sales force spread over 4 continents.


Thanks to the effectiveness of the medium, two years later it has been further enhanced, so much so that today it is also used as a means of guided tours for one-to-one virtual tastings and as the main tool for presenting the winery.

Not all is real…

Given some logistic problems, the company wanted to create a custom made space that we designed in 3D. This 3D space hosted the tasting corner, a space that allows to drive online tasting (real wine shipped to the guests) with a predetermined sequence. This space is also used to deliver each wine’s details and awards.

360° Birds eye views

360° aerial images were used to provide the best visual experience and truly immerse the audience in the extraordinary beauty of the Tuscan countryside. Through the use of special drones, these perspectives manage to give a great sense of immersiveness and communicate the full beauty of the setting.

Capezzana Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour + Digital Twins

To further enhance the perception of special areas, we have improved the web experience with embedded digital twins, where people can truly understand the spaces and navigate them in 3D with ease.

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