Product Videos & Configurators _ A Successful Match

Product Videos & Configurators: A Successful Match

How configurators and product videos enhance customer experience and sales process.

When it comes to interior design, technology is transforming the customer experience. Innovative products such as advanced configurators and product videos are enabling companies in this industry to take their customer service to new levels.

Using these technologies, companies are able to streamline the sales process while ensuring that customer ideas can be turned into reality with greater accuracy and precision than ever before. In this post we explore how innovative technologies can make the customer journey more interactive and engaging, from start to finish.

Defining 3D Product Configurators and Product Videos

A product configurator is defined as a digital tool that allows salespeople, product owners and customers to customize a specific product’s features. Additionally, it makes it possible for a 3D image of the product to be seen before producing a physical version.

A product video is created with the intent to showcase your product’s features and how it works. These videos can be produced with a physical product or with a virtual version.

Technological tools such as configurators and product videos are revolutionizing the interior design industry, making it easier for designers and clients alike to bring their visions to life, without the need for a real product.

How Interior Design Industry can take Advantage of Technology

The leaders of the Interior Design industry are adopting new technologies to enhance their designs and sales processes. Below we will explore a few of the ways designers can utilize technology:


Products displayed as in person

For furniture manufacturers, it can be important to display products online in the same way they would be seen in-person. Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers, meaning that furniture companies must upgrade their digital shops to reflect their brick and mortar stores.

3D configurators allow customers to see the whole product, using  360-turnable images. Furthermore, configurators can be customizable, which is a favorable option for consumers in the furniture market. Customers are more likely to purchase furniture that they can modify to match their exact preferences  and that can be visualized to support the purchase decision.

Product Videos

How products work

Some furniture pieces may have additional features that cannot be displayed through photos or 3D imagery. In these cases, a product video can be very valuable in the sales process to show customers how these products work and the benefits of these features.

For example, a couch that pulls out into a bed or a table that has extension pieces. A product video may show the couch in its original appearance and then show the viewer how it transforms into a bed. This type of digital asset can be also used across social media to empower the product storytelling. 

Case Study Example – OMP Group Play Chair

The OMP Group is a furniture manufacturer in Italy. The company released a chair line called “Play” which reflects the tendency to design chairs suitable for different environments. The chair has an optional backrest tilt/seat translation movement which increases comfort. This special feature is displayed through a configurator on OMP’s website which shows the product’s ability to bend the back of the chair.

Additionally, the company has a product video on the page which demonstrates exactly how the chair works and shows its mobility. It displays various colors and highlights the different parts of the chair and to add to this, is also seen in different work and home scenarios. 

Configurators and product videos offer a synergy of functions and emotions that dramatically increase the effectiveness of sales-oriented communication compared to any other digital technology.

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How Product Videos & Configurators Improve Furniture Customer Experience

The most obvious way that configurators improve customer experience is through enhanced product visualization. When shopping online, it can be difficult for consumers to imagine the furniture piece as it would appear in person. 3D configurators offer a realistic, complete representation of the product. Having this visual makes the customer more confident in their purchase, which increases sales and reduces returns or other forms of customer dissatisfaction. Pairing your configurator with a product video also allows your customer to gain a better understanding of your product. In this video, companies can highlight the product’s best features and demonstrate in real time its uses. 92% of shoppers say that visuals influence their buying decision and around 64% of consumers are likely to purchase after watching a product video. Showcasing the uses of your product minimizes any feelings of uncertainty for the customer and builds trust between producer and consumer.

3D configurators also increase the level of product interactivity. Configurators allow customers to make changes to the product in real-time. For example, if a customer was viewing a couch online, it could change the color of the upholstery to see what best fits the color theme of their space. This feature makes the customer experience less overwhelming and more enjoyable. Giving customers this control over their product reduces the frustration they often feel when searching for the right piece of furniture with the exact color, size and design they want. 

We also see customers more engaged when they are given the ability to modify their product. Providing an interactive shopping experience makes customers feel a greater sense of ownership and investment in their product. This increases customer participation in the buying process which makes it easier for companies to secure sales. Furthermore, having created their own version of your product may encourage customers to share their purchase online or with friends, resulting in organic exposure for your brand. Product videos are also an engagement booster, as they make it easier for customers to learn about your product. Reading the product description and accompanying information can be tiring and time consuming for prospective customers. Condensing this information into a video demonstration allows customers to effortlessly learn about your product and its benefits.

Configurators also increase the product value because they provide the customer with a PDF of information accessible either via download, QR code, or similar method. This includes all the product details, assets and product descriptions for the user’s future reference. This characteristic of configurators is not only valuable for the salespeople, but also for the end-product customer who can have it for reference when modifying or upgrading the product in the future.


While a configurator and a product video alone can improve your online sales process, pairing them together makes for a powerful impact on customer experience. Some customers prefer to be more involved in the design process, and others need a low maintenance, quick way to shop for the products they need. A configurator satisfies the needs of the first kind of customer, while the product video satisfies the latter. To be considered a top competitor in the interior design industry, you will need to prepare your store for all types of customers with various needs. 

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