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Configurators Benefit


Each configurator can be customized according to the customer’s sales process.

Easy of use

Customers can use online configurators from the comfort of home, saving time and making the shopping experience more convenient.


Customers can see exactly what the finished product looks like before placing their order, ensuring that they receive exactly what they want without any surprises.

Cost saving

Avoids prototyping the entire catalog by taking advantage of product digitization.


For companies, offering an online configurator can be a competitive advantage in the marketplace by providing a wider range of customization options and a more personalized experience for customers.

Tailored Solutions

We create tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of each business and their clients. Our team of experts works collaboratively with businesses to understand their vision and requirements, and then creates custom configurators that deliver the highest quality visuals and interactivity. Whether you need a solution for a large distribution with a broad audience or a project that requires exceptional visual quality and interactivity, we have the skills and expertise to deliver a bespoke configuration that meets your needs.

Our configurators offer


This type of configurator relies on static images to display different variants of the product. It is best suited for cases where the quantity of variables is limited. For example, a car configurator that allows customers to choose the exterior color, wheel size, and few interior materials.


This type of configurator is based on WebGL platforms and displays real-time interactive 3D models of products. It is ideal for cases where there are a large number of variables to be configured. For example, a furniture configurator that allows customers to choose from various combinations of sizes, finishes and materials.


This type of configurator is similar to the web real-time configurator, but it can also display and alter different pre-configured setups of a modular product. It is also suitable for cases with a large number of variables and modules. For example, a kitchen configurator that allows customers to choose from pre-configured setups or create their own custom kitchen layout.


This type of configurator is similar to the web real-time configurator, but it also allows customers to view the configured product in augmented reality with their mobile devices. It is ideal for cases where customers want to see how the product will look in their physical space. For example, a furniture configurator that allows customers to place a virtual model of the furniture in their home using their phone camera.


This type of configurator is based on a much higher quality visual engine (Unreal Engine), and it can either be installed on local machines or run as a streamed service through a cloud-based distribution system. It provides high-quality real-time rendering of the configured product and is ideal for use in showrooms or retail stores where customers can interact with the product in real-time.

*RT = Real Time


This type of configurator is similar to Real-time’s high-fidelity configurator, but is deployed across multiple channels, including web, mobile, and in-store display. It provides a consistent, high-quality configuration experience, allowing the company to deploy it seamlessly across all its marketing channels.

*RT = Real Time

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Web real-time


HQ real-time


Which configurator meets your needs? Let’s find out together

How we work

Our process begins by studying the customer journey to understand the needs of our clients and their target audience.


We create a mockup that is tested and improved upon while the 3D team ensures that all product details are covered and perfectly executed.


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At In2real, we are always looking to collaborate with different departments of the same company or other agencies.


We understand the importance of working together to achieve a common goal. Our team is humbled by our passion for excellence and precision in every project we take on.


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Customers say about us

“The final delivery has been excellent and all the Triumph team was really amazed by your visual skills and attention to details.”

James Wood – Triumph Motorcycles

Global Product Marketing Manager

“I worked with In2real and I was truly impressed with their level of professionalism and expertise. I highly recommend In2real for their attention to details.”

Enrico Corocher – OMP group

Marketing Supervisor


What is needed to create a 3D Configurator?
To start, we need the 3D object model and finishes list with references. From there, our talented team of designers can build a digital, 3D configuration of your product.


How do I put the configurator on my site?

The configurator can be easily incorporated into your site via a link. The configurator can be hosted on your hosting or backed up on one of our servers.


Can customers download and save their configuration?
Yes, the customer can download the final configuration as image, video or even technical sheets with all details.


Can customers view the configured product in Augmented Reality?
Yes, our technologies give customers the unique opportunity to view our products in different settings using AR with additional costs..

Get in touch with us and discover how our process could work for your brand.

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