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Triumph Motorcycles revolutionized the experience of presenting a new motorcycle model, with its virtual dealership, unveiled at a dedicated event in London, the GDC – Global Dealer network.


At the GDC the entire salesforce had the opportunity to see for the first time the new motorcycle design, a Rocket 3, in a virtual showroom.


In2real supported Triumph in the design and implementation of the digital scene and visualization of the bike model, supporting the technology partners on optimising the experience and testing the HP VR portable headsets;


Following the official corporate identity, In2real have also created the digital showroom to showcase the new model and designed the connectivity motion graphics videos for the new TFT generation.

Virtual collective Experience

By wearing VR headsets and experiencing the new bike in a multi user digital showroom, guests were sharing the VR experience in groups of 4 people, hosted together in the same phygital space (both in the physical and digital space).

Video Animations

During the event, videos produced by IN2REAL were presented where they showed the operation of new accessories in the range. The 3D animation, for which IN2REAL created the creativity and script and chose the soundtrack, made it possible to create informative clips that were clear and pleasant to watch.

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Dealership Experience - VT - Motorbike

Dealership Experience - VT - Motorbike

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